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  • A painting by Aimee Had

  • Melinda Plumbridge

    I often am asked, when did you know you were an artist? My answer ... always!

  • Andrea Carabetta

    Andrea Carabetta started watercoloring just 6 years ago; she has been blessed to find many outstanding and famous teachers. She also has traveled to seek other instructors. Andrea paints as often as possible considering her full life! She tries to surround herself with books, videos and nature. She feels more alive; a sense of worth by capturing scenes in nature delving into the meanings of the calm and poignant scenes in life.

  • By:

    Once a year hundreds of villages in southern India put on this ritual performance for the Hindu gods.

  • Cedar Lampe
  • Kira Yannetta

    A friend of mine recently called me a 'creativity junky,' which suggests an addiction to being creative. On the contrary, I believe that using my creativity grants me a reprieve from my addictions, and gives me the opportunity to find innovative and inspirational responses to life. Instead of running from chaos, I use my creativity as a compass to help me navigate its storms. Being creative connects me both to my innate creative power – my Self – and to my higher power, my Creator. For me, creativity is a spiritual practice. It is one of the most important aspects of my existence.

  • Kira Yannetta

    Photo and Poem by Kira Yannetta

  • Praise and Criticism in the Art World, and Why I Love Tim Gunn 

  • Technology has made its point; no bookstore is immune to these changing times.

  • It eats at you, tugs, every day. It says, "When are you going to start writing that novel you’ve been contemplating for the last ten years?"


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January 11, 2018