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ELECTION 2018 | Candidate Endorsements Oct. 16

See what your fellow locals have to say about what and who is on the ballot this fall
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Vote for Climate Savvy Candidates

The International Panel on Climate Change has just come out with their latest report on the predicted effects of climate change, and its pretty frightening. To summarize, they have moved up the timetable-- now all of us alive in 2040 will see vast changes to our climate with far ranging consequences. The only way to avert this scenario is to quickly make the transition to clean energy from fossil fuels. But don't throw up your hands in despair. We can do this! And the place to start is voting November 4th. Find out which candidates for Congress, Truckee Town Council, Truckee Donner PUD, etc. are enthusiastically supporting policies that will make a real difference. Vote for them, and if you're really motivated, do all you can to help them win. This is how democracy works. Finally, please consider joining your local Citizens' Climate Lobby chapter here in Truckee. We work tirelessly to build political will to act on climate change. The best part is, CCL gives everyday citizens meaningful, actionable ways to contribute to the cause. This is the best medicine to ward off despair and cynicism. Get out there and vote on November 4th, and then give joining CCL some serious thought.

~ Matt Tucker, Truckee

YES on Prop 3

“When the well is dry, we will know the worth of water.” – Benjamin Franklin

As summer temperatures increase and rain and snowmelt become less predictable, California needs to vastly improve its ability to deliver clean, reliable water to farms and families from its increasingly threatened forests and watersheds.

Proposition 3, the water bond on California’s November 6 ballot, is a critical measure to improve the reliability of the state’s water supply, provide safe drinking water for millions of residents, and protect and restore fish and wildlife. It will bring at least $100 million directly to Lake Tahoe, and $250 million to improve forest health, prevent fires, and combat climate change in the Sierra Nevada.

The Sierra Nevada and Tahoe regions will also be able to draw from more than $3.4 billion in statewide funding for flood control, storm water, and water quality programs. It’s a win for the health and resiliency of our forests, our watersheds, and our communities.

In Lake Tahoe, Proposition 3 will help improve the Lake’s famed clarity, reduce the threat of uncontrolled fires, expand the Basin’s network of hiking and biking trails and lakefront parks, and restore the Upper Truckee River, the most impaired watershed in the Tahoe Basin.

Its passage will also provide a boost to the efforts of the Tahoe Fund and other nonprofit groups to leverage their contributions with reliable public funding to get more work done.

We’ve seen how Sierra watersheds and local communities are hurt by megafires and a changing climate. Proposition 3 will help us recover and prepare for an increasingly uncertain future.

On November 6th, vote yes on Proposition 3.

~ Amy Berry, Tahoe Fund CEO

Moon for Sheriff 2018

Shannan Moon is pleased to announce the endorsement of the Contractors Association of Truckee. The association felt that Shannan’s experience, personal accomplishments, and commitment to public safety made her the right candidate to support.

“CATTPAC strongly endorses Shannan Moon as the most qualified candidate with a proven track record and level of experience that we feel can provide the insight, wisdom, and empathy to run the departments in which she personally excelled, while representing the kind of work ethic we hope to promote in both our youth and community. Having a Sheriff who is a careful watchdog of public funds is important to CATTPAC. Of equal importance is having a law enforcement official interested in protecting public safety and quality of life, two key reasons why CATTPAC members live or work here.” Shannan responded, “I am deeply grateful to the Contractors Association of Truckee for their support.

Throughout my career I have worked tirelessly to ensure that Nevada County remains a safe place to work, live, and visit. Info:

~Shannon Moon, candidate for Nevada County Sheriff

Councilmembers Should be Selfless: Vote for Chelsea Nov. 6

I am a Truckee local and proud to say Chelsea Waltersheid is my first choice for a Town Council spot. Chelsea is one of the most authentic, selfless people I know, and I trust her to represent me and my community well.

One of my favorite memories with Chelsea is from this time last year, when she took a few friends and I on a historic, apple-picking tour of Truckee, and regaled us with the character of our town’s ancestors. Her stories and passion convinced me then that nobody knows Truckee better. Chelsea has the experience and dedication to preserve our community’s essence.

Chelsea is also a staunch advocate for affordable housing and cost of living, and has worked tirelessly to help our small businesses thrive. She made Truckee Thursdays into the slam-dunk event we know and love, and has volunteered for countless other activities including Truckee Day, school boards, and the Town’s General Plan Update.

I know my vote is going to a fantastic mom, volunteer, friend, and downright good person with the experience and passion for community we need. Chelsea has already proved she will work long hours to keep this town wonderful. Vote Chelsea-for-Town-Council-Waltersheid November 6.

~ Nikki Caravelli, Truckee

Elect Mary Hetherington to the Airport Board

I served with Mary on the Airport Board from 2008-2016. Mary would always ask tough questions and seek answers that benefited our entire District. Mary’s analytical mind and experience as a self-employed Engineer assured that she understood the technical and financial aspects of Airport operations and their implications on growth. She continually worked to balance impacts affecting the region and its open spaces, community concerns (e.g. noise abatement and safety), concerns of District employees, best use of taxpayer dollars, and the concerns of pilots and air carriers.

Going forward, the District will face significant decisions regarding implementation of new technologies, construction of more hangers and staffing of a year-round tower, all potentially funded by property tax dollars. Mary will consider how these choices may increase air traffic, increase the possibility of night operations, and increase noise and annoyance to various neighborhoods.

Mary brings both experience and community voice to her analysis of these upcoming decisions. She will assure that thorough debate takes place before decisions are made. She brings creative ideas to balance the many needs and concerns of our communities.

We need Mary Hetherington back on the Airport Board.

~ Tom Van Berkem

Jim Morrison and John Jones for Airport Board

I am particularly impressed with how John and Jim have managed the airports’ financial matters. Not only has the airport consistently maintained a large surplus of money, but they have spent it on projects that truly benefit the Truckee-North Lake Tahoe area. Also, they have been instrumental in initiating safety measures at the airport both with respect to noise and flight patterns, that have truly made the airport a safer place for everyone that uses it and that lives in the area.

~ John Ward


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Reader comments so far...

TahoeMatt | Kings Beach
I just read the print version of Moonshine Ink and I am concerned about the situation at Tahoe Sanitation Agency. The amount of money that Lane Lewis has wasted fighting his employees ($300,000) is obscene and in my opinion not a good use of public funds. This contradicts Lewis's statements of being fiscally savvy. How the residents of North Tahoe and surrounding area do not get to have a say in the Tahoe Sanitation Agency is beyond words...Doing a bit more research I discovered that Lane Lewis has been on the NTPUD board and Sanitation board for many years (27) and believe it is time for a change. There are several candidates that look worthy of taking his place. Pippin Mader, Alex Mourelatos and Sue Daniels (incumbent). For the sake of the employees and public check book I would like to see change come to this agency. Thank you Moonshine for shining a light into this sewer!

NTHSclassof06 | Kings Beach
Given the importance of this election (and every election for that matter!) I wanted to weigh in on the article printed by Moonshine Ink regarding Lane Lewis and his position at TTSA. Lane Lewis has been a staple of the North Tahoe community for over 30 years. I find it disappointing that Moonshine Ink would print an article that didn’t give TTSA or Lane himself a chance to respond to before print. He has provided our COMMUNITY with sound fiscal direction and policy to both the NTPUD and TTSA boards. Under his direction, the NTPUD remains one of the few California Special Districts that remain debt free. A close friend of mine works at TTSA and has ardently told me the board at TTSA has always received employee feedback warmly and done what is best for the WHOLE community of TTSA at large. I was born at Tahoe Forest hospital in Truckee, was raised in Kings Beach, graduated from NTHS in 2006, and am now a small business owner in Kings Beach. Lane was my coach early in life for the Kings Beach Little League Cardinals and was a mentor for me at a young age coming from a home where things weren’t always easy for us. I STRONGLY support him and his vision for the NTPUD board. Let’s re-elect not only a good community leader, but someone who genuinely cares about the people in our little piece of paradise here on the north shore.

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